Projects I Should Write About

Neil Ramaswamy


Over the years, I've worked on a bunch of projects! I've only recently started documenting these experiences, but I hope that by the end of the year, I'll have immortalized my work over the past few years. What follows is a list of projects that I hope to write about soon.


  • Mind Control: hijack an EEG reader to turn on the lights in your room just by concentrating hard!
  • Core chords: a simple tool to help you learn difficult Jazz chords (update, I actually did this).
  • Private WiFi: create a private WiFi network for yourself by proxying requests through your RasPi.
  • My website: how I built this website using Next and MDX.
  • Harker Volunteering: the volunteering portal I made with HarkerDev that my highschool still uses.